“For a happier home life!” Below is feedback from only a few of our satisfied customers:

  • " Hi Ruth, I thought I would let you know that Charity is still with us. So, 1 May will mark 10 years of service. A good reference for your company! :-) ... I referred a colleague (Cindy) last week and she is very happy with the engagement so far."   Suzanne Lomax, Nanny placement in 2008, email received April 2018.

  • “Hi Ruth, You placed Violet Ziyapa with us almost 7 years ago and we are still so happy with her…” Michelle Lillico Nanny/Domestic Placement April 2018

  • “She is absolutely amazing! Such a stunning nature and just feels so right with our family like she has always been there. Again, thank you so much for everything! I know I can also count on Help at Home !:)”    Samantha Hadjigeorgiou, Nanny Placement 2018
  • “Things have been going incredibly well with Sarah… Thought I would attach a picture of Sarah with our little one at her first birthday. Lexi adores her Sarah.”  Jeanette Holdsworth, 2018

  • “Thank you to you both for the efficient service provided.  I will stay in touch and thank you for making the process as simple as possible.” Melissa Pillay – November 2017

  • “Hope you are well. Just want to let you know that I am so satisfied with Sylivia…”  Elné Stapelberg – November 2017

  • “Thank you so much Ruth, she is doing very well so far and my kids are 2 and 4 so they are giving her a bit of a run around but I think all in all she is happy! The course has seemed to have given her a new confidence which is great.” Katie Truscott – Nanny Training client 2017

  • “Lilian- Lily is amazing. She is such a natural with our little boy. I am so so so happy. Thank you so much.”  Kara – Help At Home KZN client (2016)

  • “I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Anna has literally just become one of the family. I am so comfortable and so happy we have her. My daughter get excited to see her, and this for me is the best thing ever. She is so kind and patient that it also lends to the exact same style and environment that I am wanting for my daughter. I also can confidently say that when the new baby arrives, I know we will be in great hands! I am so so happy. Thank you again!” – Michelle – Help At Home KZN client (2016)

  • “Thank you for the feedback regarding Noma. :)

    Noma told me that she throughly enjoyed the course and that she feels that it really helped and opened her eyes to things she hadn't thought about.

    I am so happy that she did so well. She carries the certificates like an honour, which she really deserves as she is fantastic.” Leanne Parry, Sept 2016 

  • “I am so so happy with happiness! Samaara, my daughter absolutely loves her!” Razina Vally, Feb 2016

  • “Thank you so much for sending Blessing to us.

    As her name states, she is a Blessing to our son and our home.” Rowena Ramsewak, 2015

  • "I have been meaning to send you a mail, Reason started with us on 1 September 2014, and we absolutely love her!

    Thank you for the help and I have recommended to you all of my friends." Chantelle

  • “Dear Ruth,
    Trust this email finds you well? It's been a while now and I've been willing to send you this email long ago, but as you may understand, getting back to  work and starting a new routine together with baby Shantelize in our lives has keept us very busy :)
    However, today that our baby girl is turning 7 months old I decided to make myself some time and write to you quickly just to let you know that we have been with Judith for almost 4 months now and we are really happy and pleased with our choice! She has been a great nanny to our Shantelize and I hope she stays that way. Shantelize likes her very much and I can percibe that Judith is also happy taking care of our baby girl.
    Saying all that, we wanted to thank you once again for all the help and support on looking for and getting the nanny we have with us now. We wish you and your business all the success you deserve! and our well wishes go for this coming 2014. We will definetely recomend you as a top agency!
    Best regards,
    Luciana , Rudi & Shantelize”

  • “Ruth Stokie learnt much and enjoyed the course tremendously! Thanks

    Sulene”  Child Care Course, November 2013

  • “Hi Ruth, I just wanted to pop you a mail to tell you that I am very happy with Beauty - she is a good personality fit for our home and I feel we have settled well! :-)

    Have a good weekend, Renate”  Renate Potgieter, Domestic placement – October 2013

    Since she has come back from your course last Saturday, she has been TOTALLY invigorated....and she was an active, energetic lady to start with! She has my son on a routine, has asked to take over preps off his meals. Had raided the recycle bag and taken  containers and boxes, asked me for beads and decorations and glue and socks!!!!!! She has created different activities for him, and entertained him in so many new ways! She is loving it! And he is loving her! Yesterday, she told me that my son needed a sand pit now! LOL You have given her new energy and she seems to be having so much fun! Whatever you did, keep doing it! My son is reaping the benefits of your labour! Thank you, thank you, thank you! " Nishila  - Client whose nanny has completed our Mental Stimulation Training.

  • "Hi Ruth How r u? Just wanted to let u know, I am totally thrilled with Ntombi. She is fabulous and don't know how I coped without her before! Thank you" Kiasha Naidoo, placement of nanny to twins.

  • “Ruth - thank you for all your efforts and patience with me during our placement process. I looked and dealt with MANY agencies but you were the most professional and got it right first time! It was a stressful time and thought I would never find anyone suitable but then you came along!! I appreciate that it must be a very difficult environment but from what I've seen and experienced you have more successes than not!! Keep up the great work!” Nadine Naude, Housekeeper Placement

  • “Esther is absolutely amazing - Thanks for all your trouble in placing her with our family!” Karen Van Wyk, Nanny placement

  • “I would just like to thank you for all your assistance in getting our new nanny. Cebe is wonderful and we are very happy thus far!” Claire Van Rooyen, second nanny placement
  • “… Sibongile is doing really well, she is wonderful with our daughter and I am very happy with her. With thanks and regards” Dr Caron Cole, Nanny Placement
  • “Ah, Patience is wonderful! She’s so lively and friendly and very good with Caleb (who is 9 months and has separation anxiety at the moment!). She hasn’t seen my daughter, Meke, a lot as her school only closes next week. I can see that she has a good work ethic as well, she is on time every morning and dives right in with the kids. Thank you for sending her to us. J” Dedré Curle, Temp Nanny Placement
  • “You know what Ruth - you always manage to send brilliant people to me. Thandi is such an amazing sweetheart! So happy she has a full time job to go to. I don't know what you do or how you do it - but every single person you have ever sent me has been outstanding - thanks so much!” Ester Steyn, Permanent and Temp Placements to care for twins…
  • “I just have to say a very big thank you to you for helping us find Faith.It was her last day yesterday, and I just have to tell you she was an absolute God send. She was amazing with my little boy and we were all very sad to say goodbye to her.” Blair Shelver, Temp Nanny Placement
  • “We love Judith & I will “adopt” her if I could !!! Thank you for your help & arranging such great ladies to come see us, you are doing a good deed for a lot of people out there!! I will definitely stay in touch as I have a few pregnant friends who is considering going the same route as us now.” Gloria Holmes, Randburg nanny Placement
  • “Philile has been amazing. Every day she impresses me. I can't tell you enough how grateful I am! Thank you, thank you!” Nicky Berriman, Domestic Placement
  • “Salome is AMAZING!!!! Anique loves her and they get on very well. My husband is also very pleased and she is such a breath of fresh air, she has no issues. Thank you a million times over.” Chantelle Thrupp, May 2012, Nanny Placement
  • “Chipo has adapted really well to all the new challenges – she’s motivated and enthusiastic, and is quite happy to take on extra responsibility and work. She’s also working hard to develop a relationship with Kayley, and I can see them working really well together in the future” Sharon Bareiss, Nanny Domestic Placement (April 2012)
  • “Esnarth is such a huge help to me and baby is comfortable with her so that makes me happy.” Mrs Kavi Edwards, Nanny Placement
  • “Hi Ruth- many thanks for all your assistance! Uliah is really great - our son adores her n she is really awesome in our household!” Thelma Saman, nanny/Domestic Placement
  • “I have been meaning to send this email for a long time now! My boys are 14 months old already. After taking a year's maternity leave, I am now back at work full time. I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am for Lwazi. She is an absolute star. She is extremely dedicated to her job, she's very passionate and she loves my boys. They also adore her. Lwazi is always happy to work overtime and even help with baby sitting on the weekends. I do not believe that I would have been able to find such a fantastic nanny on my own. So thank you very much!!” Bronwyn Stromsoe, Nanny/domestic placement when her twins were newborn babies.
  • “I am pleased with Dudu, her attitude, eagerness to help & assistance at all times. She is a Jewel and proactive in her duties. Diago "my baby boy" is also comfortable with her, which is most important & our Dog Blondie also likes her very much :-).” Thando Mncube, Nanny-Domestic Placement
  • “Thank you Ruth. You have really been wonderful I have told all my friends and family about your service and I posted a link to your website on my FB account as well. I have dealt with two other agencies and your service is by far the most professional and efficient and at a good rate as well.” Tatum Jardien, H@H has placed two ladies with her, a domestic and nanny, over the last year.
  • Just to let you know, Precious is working out brilliantly. She is wonderful and has picked up the chores really well and my son really likes her, as well. So far, it is going really well. Thank you so much for your help.” Annette Ramkhelawan, Nanny/Domestic Placement
  • “Precious is just lovely and has been a real life saver. I am finally going back to work in 2 weeks. Eek :-) “ Marcelle Vlachos, Nanny Placement
  • “Once again, thanks for everything you have done for me since before they were even born. You might never know how much it helped me, how Rose saved my life and my sanity.Rosalia is a sweetheart, and an angel sent straight from heaven. Love her to bits. In fact, every single person you have sent me – whether as a full time lady or a temp has been brilliant. I am at a point where I don’t even worry anymore, as I know if they come from you, they will be excellent. “ Ester Steyn, Nanny Placement, Temp Nannies, Night Nurse Client. She is a single Mom with twins.
  • “The twins are great and thanks to the happy household we have now they are really happy little people. Angie and my Nanny Reginah get on like a house on fire and are a great team” Verena Banach, emailed to us 18months after her Nanny Placement.
  • “After a traumatic dismissal of our previous nanny, we urgently needed someone to help us look after our baby and clean our house. Ruth was reassuring, professional and supportive throughout the entire process - giving us advice where we needed it and helping us to understand the hiring process, asking salaries and our own requirements. Every candidate that she sent through to us was outstanding, and we would have been happy to employ any of them. However, one woman stood out in particular - Beauty. She came to work for us, and has made an enormous difference in our lives. She is hardworking, knowledgeable and has a great attention to detail. I've noticed that she does simple but important things like checking to see if our daughter's nappy is too tight after she has changed her, has conversations with her about what they are both doing and manages to keep her busy and entertained while she is doing the housework. I couldn't have hoped for anything more from the person looking after my child. Thank you, Ruth for finding her for us, and thank you for making the process so painless.” Georgina Guedes, Nanny Placement, Aug 2010
  • “Just want to say a BIG thank you for helping me find Ruth (2) She really is a god send and is so awesome with my twins – I also get along with her very well.” Karen Gillespie, Nanny Placement
  • “It is really going very well with Prudence. From today she will be looking after Isabelle by herself and take Caitlin to school alone. She really understands everything very quickly and you only have to explain something once. She has already rearranged everything in the kids' rooms, it is looking amazing. I'm very happy that we appointed her…..Thanks very much for all the effort from your side. It made life much easier to not worry about finding someone else to look after my children. They are already loving Prudence, especially the little one.” Madeleen Botha, Nanny/Domestic Placement
  • “Just to let you know that things are going very well with Rose, we absolutely lover her and she has made such a difference to our lives already in just 3 weeks…. Once again thank you for finding Rose for us, she is a blessing!” Ashleigh Rocha, Trained Nanny placement
  • "What have you done to Emily? Wow what a maid – she makes us breakfast, she makes me lunch for work, she makes dessert – overall she is running circles around us. The things she does with the boys are amazing – homemade puzzles, bracelets out of noodles etc. I am so happy I sent her on the course I think she really enjoyed it and loves her job. There is nothing better than to send someone on a course and they are so grateful and apply their knowledge straight away.So thank you very much and keep up the good work!" –Nicola Klette, Mental Stimulation Course, May 2010
  • "Just to let you know that Alina is absolutely WONDERFUL! She has been teaching me how to pack a baby bag and what to feed the new baby. She's also worked out a strict routine for the baby. She is also so easy to have around, and so pleasant and enthusiastic. The baby loves her - she took to her immediately." Eleni Cousins, Nanny placement“Sethie was very excited about the course and when I called her on Tuesday morning to find out how it was going, she sounded very enthusiastic. What a relief to hear that she did well! Thanks to you and your team!” Taryn Westoby, Help At Home Child Care Course.
  • “Can you believe that Agness has already been with us for a year! The twins are now 1 and the LOVVVVEEE their Aggie! She is an absolute star and a part of our family!!” Velda Frankim, Occupational Therapist and Help At home Client
  • “She (Cele) is actually a very good employee who does not complain to do anything and is always willing. She is also excellent with my son and he has become attached to her as well. Thank you for sending her to me.” Prithee Naidoo, nanny placement
  • “Thank you so much for Lizzy so far i am very happy with her work as well as the person she is ....” Mrs Kamala Govender, nanny placement. Feedback received after several months of employment
  • “U are a great person! u must have a heart of gold…. Btw I am so happy with Lwazi,she is a very good lady,we all get along so well,let's hope it will last for a long time .” Carole Nasr, Nanny Placement for care of Twins
  • “I cannot believe how quickly time has passed – it feels like just the other day when I was bugging you in a panicked state about finding a nanny!...We are doing well – things are working out wonderfully with Joyce, and we are really happy with her.” Marita Van Der Walt, nanny placement
  • "Thanks again for your help, you have been very professional, and your rapidity even at this busy time of year is much appreciated!" Charlie Paget, Nanny Placement
  • “I even begin to tell you how happy we are with Winnie.... she is just amazing, and I could not have asked for a better care giver for my child. She is meticulous with everything she does, including the domestic work. And I can also see that she is putting to use all that she learned in the mental stimulation course. And Leah just loves her! Winnie doesn’t know it yet, but she is going to get a nice bonus this month as well as an increase next year!!” Kyati Naidoo, Nanny placement“To let you know thus far all has gone very well with Christina, she seems like a lovely person and we are happy….” Lianna Garden, Sandton. Nanny placement
  • “I am very pleased with Nikki, she is already part of our family and I hope that she stays with us for many years to come.” Sam Pickford, Nanny Placement followed by Mental Stimulation Training
  • "Mabel is an absolute star! She's great with the children and an excellent cleaning lady. The children adore her and I can't imagine my life without her!! She's exactly as you've described her on her profile and she fits in a 100% with us." Melanie Silvis, Nanny placement
  • "Thought that I should just let you know that Aggie has become a part of our family,in so many ways!! I could never imagine that I would feel like this about a nanny, but Agness has really changed our lives!! My girls loooooooovvvvvvve her, we joke that she will still be their nanny when they are 40!" Velda Franklin, Occupational therapist, Nanny placement
  • “Thank you dearly for your great service and prompt assistance in all of this. I will definitely be recommending your services to others’’ Ayanda Williams – Nanny Placement
  • "Bongie has been absolutely wonderful – She and our baby Michael have bonded beautifully and the absolutely adore each other, its fantastic. I am returning to work on Monday and can honestly say I feel very comfortable leaving him at home with her. Fortunately I am only working half days so will still be around to play with my son in the afternoons. I also have to say, not only is Bongie really good with Michael, but she keeps our home sparking clean so that’s a brilliant added bonus!" Tammy Archibald, Nanny placement
  • “I have been working with Grace for the past two days and I can see that the course was valuable and that she has learnt allot” Noleen Best – Childcare Training course.
  • "Just a quick note to let you know that Lucy is doing a sterling job looking after Catherine. They have settled down nicely together and I don’t think that Catherine will notice that I am back work next week. The training was invaluable and did wonders for Lucy’s confidence.” Michelle Barclay – Trained her nanny, Lucy, on her behalf
  • “We are VERY happy with Susan - she really is a lovely lady and she adds to much value to our home. Kyla will take some time to get used to Susan, but she is warming to her. Susan has looked after our home and animal family for the last 3 weeks while we were on holiday in PE and she was amazing. She called every time she was not sure about something and she always asked about Kyla. We find her hardworking and trustworthy and easy to talk to. I think she is going to be fabulous when we are fortunate enough to have another baby! Thanks again for all your help in recruiting her, finally we have someone who is invaluable to our household - we hope that she is as happy with us as we are with her!” Jolene Englebrecht – Nanny/Domestic Placement
  • " Been two days with Simangele now and she seems very capable! very nice lady, and she is using the feeding chart.Thank you again for all your help!" Joanna Croukamp, nanny placement
  • “Just want to say thank you for the wonderful classes you and your ladies do. My helper Charity came back with outstanding results and she had a good time. Keep up the good work!” Delia Caetano, Nanny completed the Help At Home Childminder’s Course.
  • “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Clara is such a sweetie. I’m sure we’re going to have a great future together! Rose is very happy too...also happy that she is older so that she can tell her what to do... in a nice way. Once again, i will highly recommend you to anyone and everyone!” Michelle Utterson (Second nanny placement from Help At Home)
  • “Sheilla has started with us and she is an absolute delightful person.” Chantelle, Housekeeper placement
  • “All is going well with us, Eunice is such an angel and I can see that she has been trained well. My little girl is happy, and healthy and she sleeps well. I have already referred 3 people to you and will continue because I truly believe that other people can benefit from your good work Keep well God Bless! “ Lorraine de Ronde, nanny placement
  • “She is amazing! She is working very well. I am actually so glad things worked out the way they did. They have a beautiful chemistry with Krishna, she doesn’t even cry for me! Thank you so much to Help at Home!” Thishiwe Ziqubu, Nanny placement.
  • "Liz loved the course and her confidence has definitely grown as a result of the training. Thank you!" Tanya Rystwej
  • "Thank-you so much for Promise, myself and Regan my son are loving her work. She is gentle but firm always on time and uses her training all the time…I was very impressed. Being a boy my son often has his hands down his pants. It really bugs me but Promise told me not to worry that she would use distraction to make him stop, again i was very impressed. Thank-you Ruth you've literally saved my mental well being. I can go to work now and not be worried all day about my son." Lali Avis (Nanny Placement)
  • "I am very impressed with your service. Everything has been very well thought through and presented. You surely operate your business with Excellence, something that is very rare. "
  • "Thanks for all your help Ruth, I am thrilled!!!!! Triscia starts tomorrow and I’m sure she will be great"
  • "Thanks once again for your help - Kitumetsi is great, has fitted right in and Aidan loves her..... PS. You definitely taught Kitumetsi well - Aidan has just had two days of raging temperatures, infected throat etc, and she nursed him back tohealth like a pro." Vicki Herbertson (Nanny Placement)
  • "Thanks for everything you been help. Riccardo is really a good helper." Whitney Tang (Au Pair Placement)
  • "I’m still happy with Anah... She’s wonderful with my daughter and that exactly the kind of nanny I was looking for... Thank you for your services." Kenosi Rakumakoe (Nanny Placement)
  • "You have been an absolute star and we really appreciate all your time and effort." Carla Lightening(Nanny placement)
  • "Once again thank-you for all your help this past month. I will highly recommend your services to others... Perhaps you could put a “customer comments” on your website as I would love to write a testimony on is as I am sure others would." Jacqui Kalil (Nanny Placement)
  • "Hello Ruth – just to let you know, I spoke to Em over the weekend and she is deliriously happy with the job you found her. She thinks Charmaine is enchanting and loves the family. So well done! You have made someone very close to me very happy and for that I thank you!" Donna Vance (found work for a Housekeeper/Chef she knows)
  • "She enjoyed the course very much! I must say she is truly a lovely lady with a lovely temperament. Many thanks for all your assistance and for doing a great job!" Amanda Saunders (Nanny Training)
  • "(Selinah's) was very positive. She said she enjoyed it and learnt a lot especially the first aid as you said as well.... Thank you again - I will recommend your service to anyone." Marilize Havenga (Nanny Training)
  • "Just to let you know that George and his friend were fantastic on Saturday. It was a long day, made even more difficult by rain but they were very enthusiastic and did a great job! Celia was also great and worked very hard cleaning up behind us. It is no fun moving with a 2 year old when you are pregnant but they all made it easier (for my poor husband too!)" Megan
  • "Hi Ruth, Thank you so much for helping us out so quickly, I believe that Dorcas will be a great help to us and we sincerely hope that she does justice to your training..." Chantelle Franco-Green

To get more information about what we can offer you please follow the Services Offered.For more information please complete the Contact Form here and we will contact you soon. Regards, Help At Home

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